1. Tiny Treats
    These delectable treats will be selected by you with my advice depending upon your guests, their palate and of course your own. Each item will be small enough to savor the chosen flavors but convenient enough to consume in one or two bites.
    Per Piece: $1.50
  2. Wedding Cake
    Wedding and Special Occasion cakes will be designed by you and myself and then charged accordingly dependent upon how much hand work and specialty items are used in its creation.
    Price: as Agreed
  3. Birthday Cupcakes
    Birthday cupcakes and cupcakes for all occasions can be ordered in multiples of 12. They can be the mini variety or the larger, traditional size. The large cupcakes are $3.00 per piece and the minis are $2.00 p/p
    $2 & $3 P/P
  4. European Style Petits Fours
    These wondrous bites of pure almond pleasure are the hit of every Tea Party! Made artisanally by hand, they are the same taste you remember as a child. Meticulously crafted with 3 layers, covered in poured fondant, then decorated with my signature rosebud in colors to match the Season!
    Price: $2.00 p/p
  5. Cookies
    Made the old fashioned way with the purest of ingredients, hand made with love in every bite. I make every type of cookie you remember from childhood or that you can imagine. Snickerdoodles, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chips, Shortbreads of all stripes, Linzer Tarts, Thumbprints etc etc etc..Along with my own signature cookie: Chocolate Chip Cappuccino! $13/doz. $25/2 doz.
    $13/doz.$25/2 doz.
My Cakes
  1. 5-Tiered-Warm-Milk-Cake-in-Progress
  2. Gum-Paste-and-Chocolate-Designs
  3. Tiered-Server
  4. Strawberry-Cupcakes
  5. Mini-Strawberry-Cupcake-and-Petites-Four
  6. Mini-Carrot-Cake-Chocolate--Strawberry-Cupcakes
  7. Chocolate-Designs
  8. Choc-Chip-Cookie-Dough
  9. Choc-Chip-Cookie-Dough