1. Cake Decorating
    We use all food appropriate items on your small or large tiered cake. All items used in connection with a cake must by Law be edible and ours are. We use all traditional methods of decorating along with the most modern techniques and product as well! I am skilled at Dress Lace, Gum Paste, Chocolate and all types of fondant, both rolled ad poured.
  2. Wedding/ Special Occasion Cake
    For THE most important day of your life we offer Wedding and Special Occasion cakes of every stripe: White cake, Chocolate, Yellow, Red Velvet, Carrot. Lemon, Strawberry, Angel Food, etc. etc. Frostings are always made in the traditional French or Italian Buttercream method using only the finest product. There is zero "mouth feel" to our frostings made with 100% butter, just the smooth, creamy slithery feel of pure butter slip sliding from your throat to your tummy, where your tummy shouts: THANK YOU!
  3. Birthday Cupcakes
    Oh! Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes! I ADORE doing cupcakes! For one thing there are so many of them to make a serving plate look full and invitingly delicious. For another, they are great on the waistline (as long as you only eat one!) I can make them in any combination you would suggest. I always prompt you to order at least 2 different varieties with an order of 24. Your guests undoubtedly like vanilla, you love chocolate or vice-versa, so cover all your bases with 12 of each and then contrast the frosting to accommodate the flavor of the cake.
  4. Petite Fours/ Custom Cake
    My signature dessert are petits fours. It is the one creation of which my Chef/Instructor exclaimed: "These are the best petits fours I have ever tasted!" He then proceeded to give me an A for the course as that was my final exam practical. Many Pastry Chefs loathe doing petits fours because if done properly they are considered by many to be arduous, time consuming and not worth the effort. I completely disagree! To see these tiny pearls of pure heaven looking and tasting as crisp, clean and polished as they can possibly be along with a smile on your face is all the gratitude I need.